Natural Razor Bump Shaving Cream

Product Details

Clear shaving rashes and bumps for both men and women

Natural Shaving Cream, 120 ml, 100% natural, moisturizer, contain Aloe Vera and vitamin E.

It is made from a blend of natural edible oil
Suitable for all skin type both men and women
Rich in vitamins and minerals necessary for health skin.
It leaves the skin with no bumps and shaving rash-embarrassing problems.
It nourishes and protects sensitive skin and help to get a good, close shave
No more dry, itchy and razor burn.
It nourishes and moisturize leaving the skin feeling soft and hydrated.
It has no detergent, weird foaming agents, antifreeze, harsh chemicals, no dye.

*Not tested on animals. *Paraben free. *Contain nut *Dermatologically tested.

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