About us

Beauty Revealer is a family owned and run company. It was born in 2013 from the heart cry of Mary to find a natural remedy her neighbour two little girls who had very bad eczema. The girls had been in and out of hospital, seen various doctors but there was no relief for them. This caused Mary heart to break and any time she would see these children in the church, tears could flow and deep cry coming out of her heart but she had no help for  them. You could almost read on the faces of the children and their parent the cry for help. But one day she felt deep inside of her there is an end to all this and made up her mind to find a solution to end the suffering of the children and their parent.  Mary holds MSc. in chemistry and several years of research experience in natural products in Israel, Germany, UK and Kenya Universities. So she decided to find solution in natural products and gave herself 6 months of deep research into skin care and natural products (oils and butter) composition. She found most of skin care brands used by millions of people every day contain toxic synthetic compounds and the doctors can only give antibiotic or steroids cream for eczema which relief for a short time.  She was able to come up with a formulation in form of a cream (a combination of oils and essential oils) in December 2013. The cream has transformed the lives of the two girls and delivered them from sleepless night from Eczema. More children and adult have tried it with the same result.

Below is the two girls’ parent testimony:

I have two daughters 5 years and 3.5 years who had Ectopic eczema since they were about 9 months old. We had tried different creams and ointments including skin prick test but the conditions were controlled by antibiotics every time my girls had inflammation. We had seen several skin specialists but no help for us. My daughters had sleepless night and crying themselves to sleep. Then one day Mary told us of natural cream she had formulated for eczema and would like us to try on our daughters. We were so desperate and willing to try anything which would bring relief to our children. When we used Beauty Revealer Relief cream, the same night my daughters stopped itching and we had a quiet night after a long time. Within 6 weeks of application [with persistence and patience] all dead cells was pushed out and new fresh skin evolved. This recovery has been a big surprise to so many that knew our daughters and a blessing to my family. I would recommend Beauty Revealer Relief Body cream to anyone who is looking for a real solution to this annoying skin problem. Bearing that our skin response varies; you will need persistence and patience throughout the process”. MY daughters are using Relief body cream as moisturiser from head to toes and enjoying youthful age.

Mary has formulated her own cream Natural Princesses moisturising cream which has solved her own skin problem and transformed it to healthy, glowing complexion. Her sensitive skin problem disappeared as soon as the chemical laden products were replaced with natural product. Mary is doing private research on natural products used in ancient times for skin problems and what has been done in the laboratory and clinical investigations by several research groups on these natural products. Using these knowledge, Mary is able to come up with different formulation for varies skin problems.